#PadmanChallenge gets slapped with stained pad

By Web Desk

February 10, 2018

In a Facebook post, Ayushi Mittal slapped the ‘glorified commitment’ of Bollywood and other marketing agencies who are relentlessly promoting ‘Padman challenge’ with high-end privileged class and clean pads.

Here is the post.

And for those who think it is trendy and fancy to pose with an unused pad and project yourselves as aware and sensitive, clearly, it is not. Now, this is what a pad should look like.

Like, it’s been too much now. Women have been having periods since the last 55,000 years or more and will have it till the human kind exists. And feeling empowered by holding a clean pad and supporting the “cause” sounds so lame to me. I understand that it is a sensitive issue that needs awareness. But what logic is it to create this hype two weeks before the movie releases, mint money, and then boom, to hell with the “cause”. PEOPLE SEE THROUGH THAT YOU KNOW???