Paint your pout crimson, oxblood or mocha this winter season

New Delhi, Nov 15 (IANS) Ditch basic and boring shades, try crimson, cranberry, oxblood, chocolate, blackest berry and blueberry on your pout this winter, says an expert.

Bharti Taneja, Cosmetologist, Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Group, has suggested a few shades that could make you look more trendy and daring:

*Dark-matte lips: You can use a lot of rich, melodramatic shades like wine, plum, oxblood, masala, chocolate, coffee and cappuccino browns to turn away the winter gloom.

Just make sure to create a smooth canvas for your colour by scrubbing and moisturising your lips beforehand to get the best out of your mattes.

*Vampire lips: As eyes are going to downplay this season, you can go a little more bold while choosing your lip colour and round-upon for shades like venom, blackest berry, extra-dark maroon, blueberry, violet, deep wines or plums and even black.

*Pastel and bright pink lips: Bring out all your summer favourites like salmon, fuchsia, carnation, baby, hot, rose and all other forms pink.

*Red lips: Paint your pout in all shades of red including ruby, blood, brick, cherry, crimson, candy, cranberry reds. This will surely let you infuse some warmth to the winter chill.

*Neutral lips: Let a no-colour pout say it all for you the season of icy-chill. Choose nude glosses or lip colours like beige, mocha, peach, taupe, honey or salmon pink to match it with your skin-tone well as the weather.

*Shimmer lips: Some shine on your lips is sure to glamourise the gloomy mood of autumn-winter, making sparkly lips a hit this season.