Pak techies fed-up with Indian techies, ready to pay in Bitcoins to regain access to their websites

New Delhi, October 7: With India relentlessly launching diplomatic and non-diplomatic strikes against Pakistan, Indian techies are going a step ahead to isolate Pakistan literally by hacking websites of Pakistan government.

After the Uri attack and the Surgical Strikes, there has been reported a large number of hacking. The Pakistani techies are having a tough time with the endevour of the Indian hackers. They really struggle to stop their Indian counterparts from hacking into their websites.

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Ironically, the Pakistani techies are at the end of offering to pay online money to regain access to their own sites.

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This offers prove the gravity of their difficulty to tackle the situation. Pakistani techies are ready to pay Indian hackers in Bitcoin to get their sites back, reports

But most of the Indian hackers have refused the offers and have kept the sites under control, reports the Daily Mail.

The situation would become worse on both sides if the Pakistani techies start to retaliate.

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Online agencies have warned the hackers that there should be no instances of data loss while partaking in this online ‘war’ with the neighbour country.

The main objective of these hackers hacking into each other’s websites is to deface the structural composition of the site and make the website null and devoid of being catered to online users. Loss of sensitive information is also carries long-term threats against the involved country.

Experts believe that intelligence gathering has increased as the hackers are not only defacing the sites but silently spying into critical network.

According to reports, a group of Pakistani hackers – the Pakistan Haxors Crew – has claimed that it had defaced 7,051 Indian websites after India launched surgical strike in PoK.

The websites targeted include the official website of the National Green Tribunal ( and Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation ( “Indian hackers just responded after smelling the malicious intention of Pakistani hackers. Techies across the border targeted Indian sites.

They are also trying to circulate fake links and videos claiming that India never carried out surgical strike,” said Kislay Chaudhary, a cyber crime expert. Indian experts also believe that cyber attacks from Pakistan are state-sponsored but Indian agencies have not retaliated.