Pakistan court summons priests, pandits over liquor sale

Islamabad, Jan 25 (IANS) Pakistan’s Sindh High Court on Wednesday summoned priests of various churches and Hindu temples pertaining to the sale of liquor in the name of minorities.

These priests and pandits have been summoned for guiding the Sindh government as to who should be licensed for sale of liquor in the province, and how much quota should be granted for it, Geo News reported.

The court also gave February 14 deadline to the provincial government to legislate on the issue, ordering that rules for liquor sale in Punjab should also be reviewed.

The court further asked the Sindh government to ensure closure of wine shops located near mosques and schools.

Consuming and selling liquor is prohibited in Pakistan; its sale, however, is permitted to people of other religions through licensed liquor stores.

In October last year, the Sindh High Court ordered the provincial government to immediately shutdown and revoke licenses of all liquor shops operating in the process.

On November 17, the Supreme Court, however, issued an interim order to reopen wine shops in Sindh.