Palarivattom flyover develops potholes and undulations within a month

Kochi,Nov7:Motorists are seething in anger as gaping potholes have developed over Palarivattom flyover, less than a month since it was opened to traffic.

The flyover began developing undulations at many places within days of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurating it on October 12. The flyover’s expansion joints too became uneven, providing a rickety ride to motorists. The tarred portion gave away at a few spots as days advanced, revealing the structure’s concrete surface.

During the run up to the flyover’s commissioning, officials of RBDCK had claimed that copious amounts of mastic asphalt had been used to ensure that the tarred surface bound properly with the concrete surface. “It is saddening that such aberrations are occurring over many flyovers and bridges in the city. The ride quality over the newly-opened Palarivattom flyover leaves much to be desired. The North overbridge which was rebuilt about three years ago frequently develops a wide gap at entry and exit points due to sinking. Apart from vehicles suffering damage, they provide a bumpy ride to motorists. Agencies which built these structures must be taken to task since technological solutions are aplenty now to prevent such occurrences,” said a private-bus operator on condition of anonymity.

Undulations to be sorted out

Responding to complaints by restive motorists, a senior RBDCK official said that issues like undulations and the tarred surface giving away at a few places on Palarivattom flyover will be redressed shortly. A senior DMRC official said repair works are under way to ensure a smoother ride over North Overbridge and A.L. Jacob overbridge. “The settlement of embankment led to unevenness of the surface. Taking note of this, we have decided to cover more length of forthcoming bridges using concrete spans, so that there is less reliance on soil to fill the approach portions.”