Paparazzi’s don’t try to take a pic of Kate Moss : If so, you should got this message

London, July 13: Model Kate Moss famously lives by the motto “never complain, never explain,” but that doesn’t mean she’s averse to sending a sartorial message.

The supermodel has teamed up with her friend, photographer Nick Knight, to create a t-shirt that lets the paparazzi know exactly what she thinks of them.

The shirt, created by his friend, appears totally blank. However, when the flash of a camera hits it, “FUCK YOU CUNT” appears in giant letters.

“The idea for the shirt came from the sense of outrage I felt after seeing footage of a pack of male paparazzi pursuing, hounding and terrorising Kate Moss and her baby daughter at LAX airport in Los Angeles to the point where they reduced her to hiding under her suitcase as they relentlessly photographed her,” Knight says on his site.
“It could be for any occasion when you need to speak your mind directly and powerfully.”

Though anti-paparazzi clothing is not entirely novel (a scarf that prevents flash photography from working became a hit with celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton last year), it does have a more rock and roll edge than most pap-repelling garments.

The shirt is available for approximately $105 from Knight’s website SHOWstudio.