Parochial, protectionist attitude risking globalisation gains: Modi

New Delhi, Jan 17 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said rising parochial and protectionist attitude across the globe has put globalisation goals at risk and blamed “non-state actors” for proliferating instability, violence and extremism.

“For multiple reasons and multiple levels, the world is going through profound changes globally. Connected societies, digital opportunities technological shifts, knowledge boom and innovation are leading march of humanity. But sluggish growth and economic volatility are also a sobering fact,” said Modi in his inaugural address at the second edition of the “Raisina Dialogue”, India’s flagship geo-political conference here.

“Physical borders may be less relevant in this age of bits and bytes but the walls within nations sentiments against trade and migration and rising parochial and protectionist attitude across the globe also are in stark evidence.

“The result is, globalisation gains are at risk and economic gains are no logger easy to come by. Instability, violence, extremism, exclusion, and transnational threats continue to proliferate in dangerous directions. Non-state actors are significant contributors to the spread of such challenges,” he added.