Social media trolls her. Social media awards her | CPC best actress award for ‘Feminichy’ Parvathy

Amidst all the unwarranted backlashing Parvathy TK received for her take on certain aspects portrayed in the film Kasaba, here she stands as the winner of ‘Cinema Paradiso Club’ best actress award for her quintessential performance in ‘Take off’.  The award was finalized and the winner decided after weighing both the jury remarks and audience poll.

Parvathy clearly won this because of the high margin of votes she got from the social media audience compared to other nominees. Despite being at the end of many negative and degrading remarks from social media Parvathy can proudly hold this title as a golden feather on her cap.

Irony or not, CPC in the past has been in controversial spots when it came to their group members’ comments, misogynistic in nature.  And this group also claims the presence of a high number of Mammootty fans who allegedly were in the forefront degrading Parvathy after her ‘Kasaba roasting’ at IFFK discussions. And Parvathy too remained silent during the discussions around the Islamophobic setting of ‘Take off’, earning her more trolls surrounding her selective activism.

While this highly debated row led to terming her ‘Feminichy’ and her upcoming film’s song bullied with ‘dislike-this-video campaign’ on Youtube and Facebook, it is in this very same space she stands tall with her award and exemplary portrayal of a complex character, recognizing her skill. It is nothing short of a tight slap on the cheeks of misogyny and to those who criticize her ideological beliefs and activism, commanding her to remain just as an actress, do her job and nothing more.