Passenger cars sales dwindle in November: SIAM

New Delhi, Dec 8 (IANS) Sales of passenger cars rose 0.29 per cent in November to 173,606 units from 173,111 units in the corresponding month last year, industry data showed on Thursday.

The passenger car sales had risen 0.45 per cent in October to 195,036 units.

The utility vehicles’ off-take surged in the month under review by 10.07 per cent to 53,800 units, whereas van sales were down 7.50 per cent to 13,573 units.

According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the total passenger vehicle sales, which includes cars, utility vehicles and vans, rose by just 1.82 per cent to 240,979 units last month.

The total passenger vehicle sales in October rose by 4.48 per cent to 280,677 units last month.

The industry data revealed that sales of overall commercial vehicles decreased by 11.58 per cent. The segment is a key indicator of economic activity.

The commercial vehicles segment’s off-take for November 2016 was 45,773 units.

Three-wheelers sales logged decline by 25.90 per cent to 33,662 units last month.

Overall, sales of two-wheelers, which include scooters, motorcycles and mopeds, declined by 5.85 per cent to 1,243,251 units.

Product-wise, scooter sales in the month under review slipped by 1.85 per cent to 388,692 units, while the motorcycle sub-segment sales logged a decline of 10.21 per cent to 778,178 units.

Besides, mopeds’ off-take zoomed by 32.07 per cent to 76,381 units.

Nevertheless, the overall exports across categories rose a tad by 3.42 per cent to 285,462 units which were shipped out during last month.

Total automobile sales in November were lower by 5.48 per cent to 1,563,665 units.