Patanjali Apparels to hit the Indian markets with Swadeshi dress in April 2018

Patanjali Apparels to hit the Indian markets with Swadeshi dress in April 2018.

New Delhi, August 3: As Patanjali products (food, medicines and cosmetics) hit the broad Indian market, Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru and founder of Patanjali group is all set to launch ‘Swadeshi’ dress for men, women and children in April 2018. S K Tijarawala, a spokesman said to the media that Patanjali – value for money products have been chosen by the public at large, and hence they are to launch woven clothes, knitwear and machine-made apparel, including denim.

He added that multiple brands of clothing will be in the market under the Patanjali label. The first line will be going through 250 exclusive retail outlets in April next year. ‘Paridhan’ is the chosen brand name which means apparel in Hindi.

Baba Ramdev addressed the media that the idea behind launching Swadeshi dress is to uplift handloom weavers and to revive the khadi industry. Patanjali has already planned to work together with a few hundred handloom weavers in northern India. Besides, Patanjali has their own manufacturing units for making clothes, said Tijarawala.

Patanjali began their journey with ayurvedic medicines in 2006. Every year they used to bring new products to the market which becomes a success within no time. Food items like noodles, pickles, biscuits are grabbed by the consumers at large. Patanjali spices also have a unique place in the Indian market. Cosmetics of Patanjali are the most chosen brands. Ramdev says that his yearly new production is to challenge the growth of multinational companies in India.

According to media reports, besides apparels and other products, Ramdev has hired retired Army and police officers to train recruits who will work as security guards with Ramdev’s Parakram Suraksha Private Limited. He says that motive behind this training is to inculcate patriotic fervour among the young minds and to make them fit both mentally and physically.