Pecos on Brigade Road serves coffee in beer mugs to its patrons

Pecos on Brigade Road serves coffee in beer mugs to its patrons.

Bengaluru, June 3: It was a sight no one had ever imagined in a city that has always been known for its pubs: Pecos on Brigade Road, one of the city’s oldest watering holes, has been serving coffee in beer mugs to its patrons.
The weekend of July 1-2 also saw Russh, a popular gastropub on Church Street, witnessed a big drop in footfalls without alcohol.

Upwards of 340 bars, bars and eateries – many situated in the focal business locale range – have not had their extract permit recharged since June 30 in light of a Supreme Court arrange to restrict the offer of liquor 500 meters from a national roadway. No less than 77 km of national roadway goes through the city. “We are serving clients espresso and sodas. The group has plunged after we quit serving lager,” said Collin Timms, co-proprietor of Pecos, which has bars on Brigade Road, MG Road and Indiranagar. ” On the off chance that there’s no determination, we should consider moving. Be that as it may, finding a place is another test for all bar proprietors.”

Business is around 100% at Russh, as per its administrator Raghunathan S, “Our Saturday income would by and large go up to ‘4 lakh. After the boycott, it’s down to ‘3,000. We’ve sent the greater part of our staff on vacation,” he said. Throughout the end of the week, extract specialists went to bars and eateries to take a load off and seize unsold alcohol. Bars in Koramangala, Jayanagar and UB City saw expanded footfalls alongside colossal congested driving conditions revealed in these ranges on Saturday evening. Family eateries on the global air terminal street and external ring street enabled clients to bring alcohol from outside.

MRP outlets and bars joined to eateries exhaust the brunt of the boycott while a few eateries sold alcohol unlawfully with extract authorities occupied with authorizing the boycott. “Most dhabas and eateries here are serving alcohol without a permit, ” said Shiva Kumar Gangadhar, proprietor of SLMS Wine Paradise on the air terminal street. “We are as yet cheerful of a resolution.Otherwise, we need to move our outlet.”