Petrol, diesel daily price fixing works well: Petrol price highest in last three years

Petrol diesel price hike: Congress asks Centre to stop filling its coffers, bring 'achhe din'

New Delhi, August 28: The Petrol price change on a daily basis has led to a steep hike in fuel prices.

After the new system of daily price change in fuel has implemented, the price of petrol has been increased by Rs 6 per liter on petrol and 3.67 per liter on diesel from July.

Petrol price was at its peak during the last day while considering the price in the last three years.

Petrol price became 69.04 rupees in Delhi yesterday.

In some places, it will be 70 or 71. This is the highest level since August 2014.

The diesel price was at 57.30 rupees, the highest in the last four months.

While implementing this system, the Central government has promised that this daily price fixing system would bring a price reduction and the results of the volatility in the international oil market will be made available to customers on the same day.