Pharmacist in Hubli arrested for supplying chloroform and sleeping pills in Arpita kidnap case

Pharmacist in Hubbali arrested for supplying chloroform and sleeping pills in Arpita kidnap case

Hubli, April20:A Pharmacist and chemical shop owner from Hubballi were arrested and are being brought to Belagavi as they supplied Sleeping pills and Chloroform to the accused in the Arpita Kidnap case.

Accused in the Kidnap case of the engineering student Kedar and Divya has used sleeping pills and Chloroform to kidnap her to Gadag.

Today the police after investigations arrested a chemist Chandrashekar and Satish of a Chemical store for allegedly supplying them them the above drugs and chemicals without proper prescription and knowledge.

As per a notification of 2013, Schedule H1 drugs can only be sold upon a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Pharmacies have to maintain a register of supply and sale of 46 drugs, including sleeping tablets, under the notification.

Police investigation has revealed that the arrested accused in the kidnap case had purchased sleeping tablets from a pharmacy in Hubballi without any prescription.

It is believed that the door also got automatically locked at the time of the fire, he said. Three deceased have been identified so far–marketing manager Indrabhan Choudhary, accountant Vivek Kochhar accountant and HR manager Jasmeet Kaur.

Police said a DNA test would be conducted on all the bodies. The company had shifted from Ghaziabad to this new building six months ago. The survivors said the sprinklers installed at factory did not function. The fire is believed to have been caused by a short circuit.