Phil Collins still friends with Genesis band members

Los Angeles, Oct 27 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Phil Collins is still friends with members of the band Genesis.

The 65-year-old rocker left the band in 1996 to pursue a solo career, and says that he wouldn’t rule out a possible reunion tour as “anything can happen”, reports

“Writing the book (memoir ‘Not Dead Yet’) reminded me how close we were. We’re still great pals. Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and I went out on my birthday in London,” Collins said.

“Anything can happen, really. I just don’t want to suddenly take the break off and start flying off and doing things. I just want to do things carefully and think about the consequences,” he added.

The “In The Air Tonight” hitmaker, who used to play the drums for the band, says that a reform is unlikely as he can no longer play the instrument like he used to after suffering a “mystery” affliction.

He also cites Peter Gabriel, who hasn’t played with the band since a one-off show in 1982, as another reason for not reuniting the rockers.

“If I was an able drummer I’d gladly get behind the kit and drum for Pete. But the fans need to know what they’d get. I told that to a German journalist once and he said, ‘It would be fun to see Peter sing ‘I Can’t Dance’ and to see me sing ‘Supper’s Ready.’ I was thinking, ‘I can’t argue with this…’,” he said.