Phree: a digital pen that writes on every surface, helpful in making calls, sending texts

Phree: a digital pen that writes on every surface, helpful in making calls, sending texts

Israel, August 12: The Israel-based OTM Technologies developed a digital pen, ‘Phree’ that you could work almost on any surface. The co-founder and CEO of OTM Technologies, Gilad Lederer said that it does not writes  on glass, but it writes on bumpy surfaces like crackers.

The digital pen utilizes an optical sensor, invented by Gilad lederer and his co-founders Opher Kinrot and Uri Kinrot, which could measure any object’s motion in three dimensions. The stylus connects to devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, virtual reality headsets via Bluetooth and also adaptable with applications like Office, OneNote, EverNote, or . It works with windows and Android-based applications, as well as handwriting recognition software.

The  OTM Technologies provides an iphone operation system and Android application that would allow its users to take down the notes quickly on their arm, wall, a banana etc without opening their smartphones. The company would plan to implement 2 features in the upcoming years: Phree is a headset that would answer calls  and the messaging screen on the stylus would help the users to respond by writing on their leg.

According to Gilad Lederer, the digital pen would prove useful to the young professionals for scribbling notes in the meetings and elucidating documents. It also consists of small screen along one side, which you could see while you are writing. The best part of using this digital pen is that you could write down your idea on any surface and see it appear on your screen. if you are right- handed, then you could reply to the messages directly with the Phree, even after keeping your phone in your bag. the digital pen could be used  to write out a number, dial the number, and talk with the person , without even touching your phone. It also supports the entering of the message using the handwriting input in various languages.

Those who are interested to buy the digital pen ‘Phree’ could preorder through the website Indiegogo, where the price is $148 which is approximately Rs 9, 500.