PIA becomes first Pakistani airline to fly Boeing 737-800

Islamabad, Jan 20 (IANS) The two Boeing 737-800 aircraft obtained by Pakistan International Airlines on wet lease from a Turkish operator earlier this week were being put into operation from Friday. No other airline in Pakistan was currently using such aircraft, the national airline said.

The aircraft have been obtained for three months and two more similar aircraft were expected to join PIA’s fleet in the coming weeks, the airline said in a press release.

The decision was taken so that the immediate shortage of aircraft could be ended. The shortage was created due to the grounding of four aged A-310 aircraft at the end of 2016.

The narrow-body aircraft have a capacity of carrying 189 passengers in all-economy configuration, mentioned the statement.

The two aircraft would operate six flights on Friday, which include PK-316 (Karachi-Lahore), PK-317 (Lahore-Karachi), PK-306 (Karachi-Lahore), PK-307 (Lahore-Karachi), PK-380 (Karachi-Multan-Islamabad) and PK-319 (Islamabad-Karachi).

Wet lease, on which the aircraft have been obtained, was an arrangement covering the hire of an aircraft, including the provision of a flight crew and some times fuel.