Pick right outfits according to body type

New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) The key to dress well is to understand your body proportions and use fashion to highlight your best feature. While people with broad shoulders should wear V-neck T-shirts, structured blazers are ideal for people with both broad shoulders and hips, says an expert.

Salesh Grover, Business Head at OSL Luxury Collections Pvt. Ltd -Corneliani, has rolled out a few tips and tricks to choose an outfit that will flatter your body type:

* The average built: Such people have broad shoulders and narrow waist. Since the whole body is in perfect proportion, most styles fit and suit this body type. If you are dressing for casual outing, then bold pattern and different styles will add the spark to your look. For formal outing, you can keep it simple with tapered trousers.

* The inverted triangle built: Average built and triangle-shaped built are almost similar body shapes except for the shoulders. Shoulders in V-shaped built are broader than the shoulders in average body shape. For such structures, it’s important to maintain the balance between the upper and lower body shape.

V-neck shirts are recommended for people with such structures. They must avoid the tapered trousers as those will make their body appear more imbalanced. So, wear double breasted jackets with a V neck T-shirt. Shirts with horizontal stripes are also the best alternative to keep it formal and classy.

* The rectangle built: People with such body types have equally broad shoulders and hips. Dressing for such body structures is difficult as you have to create the illusion of a V-shaped body.

A structured blazer is the best option for this body shape. Wear blazers that are padded in the shoulder which will give a heavy look to your shoulder, and your waist will appear narrow. Also avoid wearing double breasted jackets as they will highlight the rectangular shape of your body.

Layer your clothes with blazers or jackets as they will make your chest appear broad and your waist look narrow. If you are willing to go for a cool look then reach out for trendy scarfs.