Pink Whale challenge beats Blue Whale Challenge: Pink link easily available than Blue

Pink Whale challenge beats Blue Whale Challenge: Pink link easily available than Blue.

Brazil, August 18: After the Blue Whale Challenge game which tears the life of teenagers in many countries, here comes the Pink Whale game. It is difficult to get the links of the blue whale game as the Central Government has banned it. But the pink whale game is easily available.

There is a “slight” difference between these two whale challenges. The difference is that when the Blue Whale challenge takes lives of the players, the Pink Whale is aimed only at entertainment.

The Pink Whale game was developed to defend the killer game called Blue Whale Challenge, which traps its players. The goal of the game is to make happy, who plays the game through good thoughts and kind deeds.

A pink walk has its origin in Brazil. The game has been trending in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

So far, Pink Whale game has 3,40,000 followers. The game was made available in April, according to certain online media reports.

There are 107 tasks per day for those who play the Pink Whale game. The aim of the game called “Baleia Rosa”, meaning Pink Whale in Portuguese is to prove that the Internet can be used for good things too, says it’s creators.

They also said that the game is aimed at spreading love and goodness. Behind the Pink Whale, is a graphic designer who was blazed up with the BlueWell Challenge, when it started grabbing media attention of its ill effects.

Reports say that the pink whale game Baleia Rosa is able to dodge the killer Blue Whale, to a certain extent, which malign and distort human minds. The pink whale game is available on its Facebook page  “BALEIA ROSA”.