Pizza guy saves the fireball day near Parsons Green station in southwest London,giving out free pizzas and water bottles


London,Sept16:London witnessed yet another terror attack on Friday when a homemade bomb exploded during the morning rush hour on a packed underground train. The explosion left over 20 people with severe burn injuries. Witnesses described seeing a “wall of fire” as the bomb — hidden in a plastic bucket inside a supermarket freezer bag — went off about 8:20 am, while the train was at the Parsons Green station in southwest London. British police are now on a massive manhunt to track down the suspect.

As soon as the news of the explosion spread, Twitter was flooded with messages, condemning the heinous act. Netizens started praying for the country that has seen five attacks this year and urged everyone to stand in unity.

Many people took to social media to thank strangers who came forward during the emergency to help each other. One such man created a huge buzz on Twitter as he started giving out free pizzas and water bottles to people affected by the blast.

This selfless man from a local Italian pizza parlour called Pagliaccio handed out free food to officers of emergency services. He was later identified as Teodoro by some users.

But he was not alone, there were many more unsung heroes. While one user thanked an unknown stranger to save from the stampede, others outside the underground station served tea to help panicked commuter.