Platform to help LGBT members find career path, discover identity

Kolkata, Dec 28 (IANS) Established members of the LGBT community here have taken it upon themselves to provide a platform for the marginalised to discover their identity.

They say many in the community are talented but are often deprived of opportunities.

Christened ‘Troyee’, the platform aims to help members of the community find a career path, offer a safety net and bring them back from the brink of failure and destitution.

“In our community, talented members lose their way following deprivation of opportunities and discrimination. We want to ensure they don’t lose sight of what they want to be. We will try to aid them to discover what they would like to do with their life,” Shree Ghatak Muhury, one of the first transwomen who legally got married earlier this year, told IANS.

Shree and her peers, including actress-model Tista Das, are the founding members of the forum. They hope the initiative will also benefit anyone who has faced rejection and despair.

“It is an inclusive platform,” she said, adding the initiative will be formally launched in February next year.

The founding members plan to approach West Bengal’s transgender development board for assistance.