PM Modi ‘Big Boss’ who spies, says Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI March 26, 2018: The Congress and the BJP on Monday (March 26) again traded barbs on the controversial issue of data sharing with Congress president Rahul Gandhi dubbing Prime Minister Narendra Modi the “Big Boss who likes to spy on Indians” and the ruling party accusing the opposition party of “theft”, said media reports.

Taking to Twitter after allegations surfaced that data from the Prime Minister’s official app was being shared without the consent of users, the Congress president said the NaMo app secretly recorded audio, video, contacts and even tracked location via GPS, said the media reports.

“Modi’s NaMo App secretly records audio, video, contacts of your friends and family and even tracks your location via GPS. He’s the Big Boss who likes to spy on Indians.

“Now he wants data on our children. 13 lakh NCC cadets are being forced to download the APP,” Rahul said on Twitter using the hashtag “DeleteNaMoApp”, said the media reports.

The BJP, however, rubbished the charge and alleged that the Congress president was speaking a “lie”.

Hitting out at Rahul, BJP’s IT cell in-charge Amit Malviya said it was his party’s app that was sharing user data with his friends in Singapore.

“Hi! My name is Rahul Gandhi. I am the President of India’s oldest political party. When you sign up for our official App, I give all your data to my friends in Singapore,” Malviya said, mimicking Rahul’s tweet on Sunday.

“Full marks to Congress for stating upfront that they’ll give your data to **practically anyone** – undisclosed vendors, unknown volunteers, even “groups with similar causes”. In the theft of all forms, Congress has never been discreet!” Malviya tweeted.

Malviya went on to allege that the Congress, inspired by its leader Sonia Gandhi’s “all power no accountability”, will take all your data, even share it worldwide with organisations like Cambridge Analytica but will not take responsibility of it, said the media reports.

The party had on Sunday (March 25) said that contrary to Rahul Gandhi’s lies, data was being used for only analytics using third party services, similar to Google Analytics.

“Analytics on the user data is done for offering users the most contextual content,” it said.

The party claimed the Narendra Modi app is unique and gives access to users in guest mode without even any permission or data.