Police quiz Netanyahu’s wife over misusing public money

Jerusalem, Dec 2 (IANS) Israeli police on Friday said Sara Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, was interrogated for 11 hours on suspicion of misusing public money.

The questioning on Thursday, which continued till early Friday morning, took place at the offices of Lahav 443, Israel’s anti-corruption police unit, Xinhua cited the police statement as saying.

The Prime Minister’s Office, however, released a statement denying any misconduct.

“Once again, we say, there won’t be anything, because there isn’t anything,” the statement read.

It was the second time Sara had been interrogated over claims that she used state funds to cover the expenses of Netanyahus’ private residence in Caesarea.

In May, the police recommended indicting Sara for aggravated fraud over embezzling public funds assigned to the official Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem for private use.

The questioning on Thursday was carried out to complete the ongoing investigation before the State Attorney’s Office will decide whether to press charges against the Prime Minister’s wife.