Popcorn day thought: Can eating popcorn make gain weight?

Who doesn’t love a tub of popcorn? Well, corn is a very good resource since its rich in Vitamins and Fiber. Eating a tub of corn from a movie hall may not be good. Eating and not working out will make you put on weight. So stop thinking about popcorn and go out and hustle!.

Actually its okay to eat popcorn every day! As long as you aren’t loading it up with lots of butter and salt/sugar, it’s a pretty good snack.

But here’s the thing. It’s a good snack, but not the best thing to eat alone for dinner. Sure, it has trace amounts of fiber and iron and a satisfying texture, but it’s also pretty nutritionally lacking. You aren’t getting a lot of protein or vitamins from it. It’s also pretty low calorie, but calories won’t kill you and you could afford to eat more if you wanted to. It would be best trying to find a way to incorporate some veggies (spinach, carrots) for dinner and possibly some fish or a handful of nuts. That’s going to fuel your system a lot better for the next day and will supply the omega 3s and vitamins your brain and immune system need to function properly. Also, if you’re eating MASSIVE amounts of popcorn for dinner, there could be a problem as the hulls have been known to get caught in the large intestine and cause discomfort, contributing something called diverticuli, which is essentially where small indigestible bits (like the fibre laden hulls of popcorn) get caught in out pouches in the large intestine, where they start to rot and cause gas and  pain.

If you’re eating microwave popcorn, then it depends on how much “butter” flavoring, how much oil, and how much salt. It could easily be well in excess of 300 calories per bag.

And, most brands deliberately make it extremely difficult to determine the calorie content of the bag, by doing such things as stating the calorie content by an ounce of “pre-popped” weight, and the serving size by the cup, without telling you how many cups are in a bag.

So basically popcorn is not that much harmful if we consume it carefully, but the additional flavours and sugar content may affect badly to gain weight.