Possible links between Russia, poll campaigns; US Senate committee to probe

Washington, Jan 14:  The US Senate Intelligence Committee will investigate the alleged espionage by Russia during the November 8 presidential elections, including its possible links with political campaigns.

In a joint statement on Friday, the committee’s Chairman Richard Burr (Republican) and Vice Chairman Mark Warner (Democrat) said the inquiry will include “any intelligence regarding links between Russia and individuals associated with political campaigns,” Efe news reported.

The senators will also investigate “Russian cyber activity and other ‘active measures’ directed against the US, both in regard to the 2016 election and more broadly.”

Most of the investigation will be conducted behind closed doors and two reports of its findings will be produced – one classified and one unclassified.

Investigators will interrogate officials from the administration of outgoing US President Barack Obama as well as that of President-elect Donald Trump.

Burr and Wagner said it is necessary to understand the scope of Russian intelligence activities impacting the US, and that recent reports from the US intelligence raise concerns.

The Kremlin’s alleged interference in the recent US presidential polls with the supposed aim of supporting Trump’s candidature has hijacked all political debate in the country since the election.