Posters showing Narendra Modi as Ram, Nawaz Sharif as Ravana put up in Varanasi by Shiv Sena

Varanasi, Oct 05: A poster put up by Shiv Sena in Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency, shows him as Lord Ram while Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif as Ravana and Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal as ‘Meghnad’.

The poster reads: ‘We need another surgical strike by Modi to end a Ravana-like Pakistan and Meghnad-like Kejriwal, who is a Pak-supporter.’

The posters have been put up for the festival of Dusshehra.

Shiv Sena division at Varanasi has been putting up posters in the city echoing BJP’s sentiments but in a quirky manner. The posters have impersonated mythological characters of Ramayana. So, while PM Narendra Modi is seen as Ram aiming for Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistan PM. The Pak PM is shown as Ravana, the villain of the Ramayana.


Amidst all this is seen the AAP man Arvind Kejriwal as Meghnad, the son of Ravana who had foiled things in the Ram-Ravana war and ended up hurting his own contingent. Kejriwal is referred to as ‘Pakistani supporter’.

Similar hoarding was yesterday seen in Meerut in UP, put up by state Bharatiya Janata Party, congratulating the PM for the surgical strikes and warning Pakistan that ‘we will keep on hitting you like this’.

UP will go to polls next year.