Powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hit central Mexico killing 138 people

Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises to 200, expected to rise more

Mexico, September 20: A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hit central Mexico on Tuesday, overthrowing dozens of buildings in the massively populated region. At least 138 people were killed. More than 44 buildings were critically destroyed in the earthquake. The latest accident happened in southern Mexico on Tuesday, September 19 at 2:14 pm (Eastern time). The city was jolted by a massive earthquake that measured 7.1 on the Richter scale.

Unfortunately, the quake hit merely hours after Mexico City had finished carrying out an earthquake drill to mark the anniversary of the 1985 disaster.
As per the latest reports, 149 people have lost their lives in the devastation.

At least 149 people have been killed after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico
At least 27 buildings have collapsed in the capital, Mexico City
In Cuernavaca, a city south of Mexico City, there were unconfirmed reports of people trapped beneath collapsed buildings