An introspection into Pravin Togadia’s paranoia

By ILT Staff Reporter

January 17, 2018

Once he was the most daring man of Sangh Parivar and now he has lost his mind and found in the park. Maybe destiny is chasing him like some of his seniors. Because the history of some unresolved deaths could be still haunting him. Founder of Janasangh, Deen Dayal Upadhyay’s death is still a mystery in history and his followers are now forced to forget that era. One of Upadhyay’s associate Balraj Madhok once confessed that some ‘inner-party coup’ was behind the death of Upadhyay and he suspects ‘some’ criminal minds in Jansangh and RSS.

He said this ‘One thing is clear. Behind the murder of Deen Dayal were neither the Communists nor any thief… He was killed by a hired assassin. But the conspirators who sponsored this killing were those self-seekers and leaders with the criminal bend of mind of the Sangh (RSS)-Jana Sangh.” Who are this ‘leaders with the criminal bend of mind’?  His autobiography explains:  “Deen Dayalji was constantly striving to ensure that ill-reputed people do not get promotions in the BJS… For this reason, some characterless, self-seeking people were finding him a stumbling block in their path of self-seeking fulfilment (sic).” It further says, “Information gathered from different sources points the finger of suspicion in the murder of Deen Dayalji towards them.”

The mentioning of ‘some’ is always spotted in this kind of stories and we can’t complain because all we get in these scripts are unknown leads. In his autobiography, Madhok said that a quotation gang was behind the murder and they were hired by the party itself.

There are different versions for midnight murder of Upadhyay. Those goes like ‘ Upadhyaya was pushed out of the train while he was standing at the compartment’s door. But Deshmukh, among the top three of the BJS, disagreed: “Why should Upadhyaya stand at the door at that unlikely hour? To be pushed out?

Another RSS hero, Sunil Joshi was also murdered, both police and NIA never showed much interest in that case. And it is to be remembered that Sunil Joshi was there as an operative part in many Hindutwa wing attacks. Anyways that also remained as a mystery.

The story of Haren Pandya is no different from this ploy. Haren Pandya was the one who revealed the role of Narendra Modi and in many interviews, he opened up that he is facing death threats and anyways he got murdered.

So the paranoia of Togadia is not a new story and just because of that need to focus on what he has to say before he becomes mute. Precisely, Nation really wants to know what he wants to say.

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