How to prepare for the auspicious month of Shravan in Hindu calendar

How to prepare auspicious month of Shravan in Hindu calendar

New Delhi,July31:Shravan – the most divine month in the Hindu calendar has begun and devotees in the Northern part of India have begun celebrations.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Shravan month also known as Savan or Sravana is observed by devotees across the country.

However, the dates vary in the northern and southern parts of India. Since the month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the most supreme of the Hindu Trinity, many devotees observe fast, visit temples, do abhishek and offer bilva leaves, milk to the Linga.

Rise early and take bath.

Chant the Shiva Moola Mantra – OM Namah Shivaya – and meditate for a few minutes.

Visit a Shiva Temple nearby to offer bilva leaves, raw milk or water. Do the abhishek yourself.

Avoid eating garlic and onions and opt for satvik meals. Remember fasting is a choice. It’s not mandatory.

Distribute free food or Prasad to the poor and needy. Lord Shiva represents simplicity. Hence maintain humility and serve those who genuinely need help.

Light a lamp in the evening and meditate again for a few minutes by chanting the name of the Lord or any other Shiva Mantra.

Before going to bed, pray to the Lord and thank him for all what he has blessed you with.

By the end of the Shravan month, you will be able to feel the difference. By controlling your food habits and governing not just your mind but body and soul, you will be able to feel the presence of the supreme truth that you may otherwise tend to overlook during a regular mundane schedule.

Here’s wishing one and all ahead of the auspicious month of Shravan.