Prime Minister Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah summon Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb over controversial remarks

Prime Minister Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah summon Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb over controversial remarks. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah have summoned Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb over his controversial statements. According to reports, the Chief Minister has been summoned to meet Modi and Shah on May 2 in the national capital, said media reports.

Tripura Chief Minister was in news again when he made gave some advice to unemployed youths of the state. In a statement, he said the solution unemployment was to stop chasing government jobs, and instead rearing cows or setting up paan shops

He suggested that every household should have a cow. “Milk is being sold at Rs 50 per litre in Tripura. If a graduate, who keeps job hunting for 10 years, rears a cow, he would earn Rs 10 lakh,” Deb said at a seminar organised by the Tripura Veterinary Council on Saturday (28.4. 2018).

Deb went further to say that instead of running after political parties to get government jobs and wasting the important time of their lives, the same youth could have had a bank balance of Rs 5 lakh had they set up a paan shop.

He said an unemployed youth with only Rs 75,000 loaned from a bank and with little effort could easily earn at least Rs 25,000 per month.

Criticising the ‘culture’ of Tripura, he had said the problem in Tripura was the culture that had gripped the state in the last 25 years. “The idea that graduates cannot opt for farming, or start a poultry farm or have a piggery is a narrow-minded concept,” he had explained.

However, on Sunday he clarified his position. He said under the Communist government, youths were made to walk with party flags in exchange of government jobs. “But the reality is different. How many job opportunities can we create in the government sector with thousands graduating every year? What I was reminding everyone is that entrepreneurship is the only alternative,” he said.

Earlier, Deb had made observations that internet existed during Mahabharata.