Prime Minister Modi to build a ‘New India’ free from poverty, corruption, terrorism, casteism and communalism

Our priority is development, not vote bank politics: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi, August 9: Prime Minister Narendra Modi persuaded all those working for the benefit of the nation to change the face of present India and to make the Mother Land a nation that – uplifts and safeguard women, is free of poverty, corruption, terrorism, casteism and communalism. He addressed the idea of ‘New India’ on the 75th Quit India Movement held today in the Lok Sabha.

PM Modi conveyed that from 2017 to 2022, the government will be working for a better India, for which our freedom fighters had aimed for.

About GST, PM Modi said that the success was not to the government or a political party but for the whole nation, which turns to be a ‘wonder for the world’.
Referring to the law and order situation in India, PM Modi said that there are a lot of things that we can do without breaking the law.