As Rahul set to become Cong president, PM Modi dubs elevation as ‘Aurangzeb Raj’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubs Congress as 'Aurangzeb Raj'

Dharampur/Gujarat, Dec 4: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday mocked at the ‘dynastic politics’ of the Congress Party by dubbing the party’s Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s forthcoming ‘elevation’ as “Aurangzeb Raj”.

“I congratulate the Congress on their Aurangzeb Raj. For us, the well being of the people matters and 125 crore Indians are our high command,” the Prime Minister said addressing an election rally here.

In his comparison of Gandhi family with the Mughal rule, Prime Minister Modi said, “Mani Shankar Aiyar asked ‘did elections happen during Mughal rule? After Jehangir, Shah Jahan came, was any election held? After Shah Jahan, it was understood Aurangzeb will be the leader’ So Congress accepts it’s a family party? We don’t want this Aurangzeb rule.”

Prime Minister’s comment followed Rahul Gandhi’s nomination for the Congress’ presidential election on Monday. Rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi is the present party president, who has been reigning the party since 1998.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has attacked the Congress Party several times accusing it of indulging in dynasty politics and feudalism. But the accusation came in full force when the Maharashtra Congress Secretary Shehzad Poonawalla called out the process of electing party president as “rigged”. He added that he had information about the delegates who were going to vote for the election, were already fixed.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi also accused the Congress Party of defaming the BJP by propagating it as anti-Muslim.

“Disinformation like BJP does this and that against Muslims has been spread. This family party made it their main agenda to spread disinformation about BJP. But Gujarat people are not so naive, they have now become sensitive and aware to disinformation,” he opined.

Adding to the accusations Prime Minister Modi alleged that the Congress Party has been indulging in divisive politics in a bid to win the upcoming Gujarat Assembly Elections.

“Earlier, Congress would go out of the way to show their secularism but now we are all seeing what they are doing in this election, where they are going. Unfortunately for them, Muslims know their real nature,” Modi said, adding that Congress has always defamed Gujarat and that it can neither tolerate nor accept leaders from the state.

The Gujarat Assembly Polls would be held on December 9 and 14. (ANI)