Prime Minister’s Office acknowledge with thanks when senior citizens sent their one day’s pension in protest

New Delhi, June 24: Last month, aiming to draw attention to their low pensions, over a hundred senior citizens from across 10 states had chipped in mostly with Rs 7 each, it amounted to a day’s pension.

They raised Rs 1,063, wrote a covering letter mentioning that the money was raised by the donors in the hope that the Prime Minister’s Office would recognise their ” tyaag (sacrifice)” and sent it to the Prime Minister’s Office . This was to sensitize the government to the plight of the elderly living below the poverty line.  A month later, the PMO sent them a perfunctory response. “We acknowledge with thanks the generous contribution made to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund,” the letter said.

According to The Telegraph, the acknowledgement letter with a formal receipt added: “The Prime Minister appreciates this thoughtful gesture and conveys his gratitude. This valuable contribution will be of immense help in providing assistance to the persons in distress.”  The PMO’s letter completely ignored their petition to increase the pension from Rs 200 to half of the minimum wages. Unfazed, the pensioners decided to repeat their protest by dispatching a day’s pension to the PMO once again.

“The Pension Parishad received a patronizing and disgraceful response to this protest “thanking” the poor and elderly for their “generous contribution” to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund,” the Pension Parishad led by Aruna Roy and Baba Adhav told Deccan Herald.