Prime Minister’s Office revises age limit of unwanted foetus to be aborted

Prime Minister's Office revises age limit of unwanted foetus to be aborted.

New Delhi, August 1: The Prime Minister’s Office(PMO) has revised the rule on the age limit of a foetus to be aborted, from 20 to 24 weeks. The current changes are made according to the previously proposed amendments to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

Abortion at this stage is risky as the doctors say that it would affect the mental and physical health of the aspiring mother as well as the foetus if he/she happens to survive. Still, foeticide is allowed up to 24 weeks in genuine cases like in certain cases of a rape victim or if it could cause any serious threat to the life of the carrying mother.

The new proposal came into being, as the abortion racket at homoeopathic doctor’s clinic in Maharashtra’s Sangli, where more than a dozen aborted foetus was found.

During last week, the Supreme Court has denied abortion of a 32 weeks old foetus of a 10-year-old rape survivor as the medical reports claimed that the termination of pregnancy would affect the life of both the foetus and its mother.