Private call centre girl Ankita’s body stuffed in suitcase, dumped near bridge besides a National Highway

Private call centre girl Ankita's body stuffed in suitcase, dumped near bridge besides a National Highway

Belagavi/Karnataka,September 7 :Shocking murder reported, A 22-year-old woman Ankita,private call centre working girl was stuffed in a suitcase dumped under a bridge besides a National Highway near Rani Channamma University, in the outskirts of Belagavi on Wednesday

According to reports, The deceased is suspected to be Ankita, native of Nagpur, who was missing from Thane in Maharashtra. Police have informed Ankita’s parents, who are on the way to Belagavi to identify the body.

police sources stated that Ankita had recently joined a private call centre at Thane in Maharashtra. However, she was in touch with her childhood friends in Nagpur and had reportedly fallen in love with one of them.

Describing the case story says, ankita’s childhood friend invited for a party at Ambarnath on Sunday. Following the same, she reached Ambarnath where she was allegedly raped and murdered by Amit accompanied by another friend. The duo stuffed her dead body in a suitcase and wanted to damage the evidence for which they called another of their friends and asked him to come on his four-wheeler. On pretext of having urgent work at Belagavi, they asked him to drive. They did not tell him anything about the murder.

However, after they threw one of the two bags under a bridge, Girish got suspicious. He immediately informed the police who then arrested the duo while passing through Ratnagiri on Tuesday.
During the inquiry, Amit and the other accused admitted that they murdered Ankita and threw her body stuffed in suitcase  in the outskirts of Belagavi. They also admitted that Girish was unaware of the crime.
Based on the information, Ratnagiri police informed Kakati police about the dead body, which was then recovered.Police are waiting for the arrival of the parents of Ankita to identify the dead body, only after which the case will be confirmed.