Priyanka Chopra angers Twitterati with travel magazine cover fiasco

NEW DELHI,Oct11: Priyanka Chopra’s t-shirt in the cover photo of the latest Conde Nast Traveller issue has ruffled some Twitterati’s feathers.

It’s a simple, white T-shirt, and its message has just four stand-alone words, arranged one below the other in the following order: Refugee, immigrant, outsider, traveller. The first three words are struck through, making the message sound like a riposte to racist ways of perceiving people who travel to new places for various reasons.

But some Twitter users took exception to what they felt was an insensitive message. One of them pointed out that refugees, unlike travellers, don’t choose to leave their homes and go elsewhere.

Yet others defended Chopra. One commenter said the message in the t-shirt meant that “in an ideal world there would be no refugees, immigrants or outsiders. We’d all be travellers, global citizens.”