Priyanka Gandhi Vadra says farming area purchased by her in Haryana’s Faridabad district not connected to husband of DLF

Will Congress hand over baton to Priyanka Gandhi, eluding Rahul Gandhi?

New Delhi,April28: Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday said that farming area purchased by her in Haryana’s Faridabad district or other property gained by her had no connections to funds of her husband, his Skylight Hospitality or reality major DLF.

Priyanka said that six years before the claimed “land deal including Skylight Hospitality” on April 28, 2006, she obtained 40 kanal (five sections of land) agricultural land in Amipur town of Faridabad.

She said the land was acquired for Rs 15 lakh through check, which comes to Rs 3 lakh for every section of land.

The announcement said the assets for the buy originated from rental pay of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra from property acquired by her from her grandma Indira Gandhi.

“The source of assets for this or whatever other property procured by Priyanka has no relationship at all with Robert Vadra’s funds as well as Skylight Hospitality and no relationship at all with (reality firm) DLF,” the announcement said.

The announcement said the collectorate rate for agricultural land in Amipur for 2006-07 and as of April 28, 2006, (date of procurement) was Rs 3 lakh for every section of land.

“Priyanka paid stamp obligation of four percent(applying to woman buyer of provincial rural land) totalling Rs 60,000,” the announcement said.

It said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra exchanged the said land to the first merchant as per a privilege of first refusal on February 17, 2010, (after four years) for Rs 80 lakh through check, that is Rs 16 lakh for every section of land and the overarching market rate around then.

The announcement said any affirmations that besmirch her notoriety will be founded on certain sketchy reports and speak to a consider, politically persuaded and vindictive battle to besmirch and devastate her notoriety.

They will be totally false, absolutely unmerited and defamatory, it included.

The Justice S.N. Dhingra Commission, which examined allow of licenses for change in land use in four towns of Gurgaon, including permit conceded to Skylight Hospitality Private Limited, indicated abnormalities in the give of licenses.