Prof C N R Rao’s autobiography ‘A Life in Science’ released

Prof C N R Rao's autobiography 'A Life in Science' released

Bengaluru, Dec 24: Eminent Scientist and Bharata Ratna awardee Prof C N R Rao’s Autobiography ‘A Life in Science’ that gives valuable insights into the Scientific research in India and about his journey into the scientific world was released here today.
Former Supreme Court judge Shivaraj Patil and former ISRO Chairman K Kasturirangan released the 51st book written by Prof Rao.
Speaking at the function, Prof Rao said he was dedicating the work to young scientists.
As a human being and as a teacher he had put down in black and white what is like ‘Life as a Science’.
‘What makes me happy is young people come in large numbers by publishing papers in science and help country improve its stature in research,’ he said.
In the book, the 83-year-old Prof Rao provides a rare glimpse into the life of one of the most eminent, dedicated and widely respected scientists of post-independence India.
The former scientific advisor to Prime Minister also talks about prominent scientists of the past and present, whom he was inspired by.
He also presents a detailed account of the kind of commitment that is required to achieve success in the field.
He offers valuable advice to young people who desire a life in science and suggests ways to deal with the inevitable roadblocks that crop up in the persuit of excellence.
Prof Rao regretted that not enough investment was being made in science research in the country and China during the last three years was stealing a march over India with heavy investments in science research.
We need to do much more both in quality and quantity of science research’.
He expressed apprehensions over ‘junk’ journals being published in science sphere in India and wondered who was doing it.
People publish stale work and claim it as original.
This type of thing is more dangerous.
Plagiarism, Chinese also do but it should not be tolerated, he said.
The book is published by Penguin-Random House.
We believe the book will be a motivator for both young and mature readers who respect and value science.
Such books can play a major role in disseminating scientific temper in the society and to let citizens know how the mind of a scientist works as they follow my life-time journey in Science, he added.
Dr Kasturirangan said research had to be relevant and problems tackled should be contemporary.
The ambitions Prof Rao displayed to promote science when he was the scientific advisor was commendable.
The book was an unusual work by an extraordinary mind, he said