Protest held outside Pakistan embassy in Kabul

Kabul, Jan 13 (IANS) Dozens of protestors gathered outside the Pakistan embassy in Kabul on Friday to demonstrate against Islamabad for “continuing to support the insurgents”.

The demonstrators carried slogans against the Pakistans Army’s intelligence arm, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Afghan media reported.

A number of Afghanistan Green Trend (AGT) members held a demonstration outside the embassy in protest over Islamabad’s perceived role in terrorism, Tolo News reported.

The protestors accused Pakistan embassy of changing into a “nest of spies in Afghanistan” and said the “ISI supports insurgents and had a hand in recent terrorist attacks in the country”.

“ISI is responsible for the attacks. We know it and we have witnessed it,” Fahim Kohdamani, a member of AGT, was quoted as saying.

The protest came days after major terror attacks hit the country killing dozens of people in Kandahar and Kabul, including five officials of the United Arab Emirates.

The protestors reportedly branded the embassy in Kabul as a “spy den”.