Protest innovations from Congress | From ‘Pakoda’ stalls to World’s longest protest banner

By ILT Bureau

February 06, 2018

T’puam, Feb 6: Congress party under the stewardship of Rahul Gandhi is becoming innovative, when it comes to protest. If in some states, the party is busy running ‘Pakoda’ stalls, in Kerala it is eyeing Guinness World Record, with a banner stretching up to 70km, prepared along with the constituent partners of United Democratic Front (UDF) with one crore signatures.

The banner was unveiled by senior congress leaders in front of Thiruavanthapuram secretariat. The banner will stretch from one district to the other- from Thiruvananthapuram to nearby Kollam collectorate.

The banner was made as part of the  ‘Padayorukkam’ (Kerala Yatra) taken out by opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala last year in protest against the anti-people policies of Centre and Kerala government.

The signatures were collected by the UDF workers in a door-to-door campaign with 500 signatures in one area.

The UDF leaders would be displaying the banner with one crore signatures in order to point out the sentiments of the people against both the central and state governments. Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala said that signatures marks peoples protest against failed LDF government immersed in Corruption and Nepotism.

The UDF workers formed a human chain from Thiruvananthapuram to Kollam to display the banner on Tuesday evening.

The display will be only for five minutes which will be reviewed by the officials from Asia/Guinness Book of Records.

The officials concerned have issued specific guideline according to the  International Protocol of Records.