Protesters invade Brazil’s Congress to protest spending cuts, corruption

Brasilia, Nov 17 (IANS) About 50 protesters have invaded the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies causing chaos and forcing lawmakers to suspend the congressional session.

The protesters, who had been demonstrating against social budget cuts outside the chamber on Wednesday, managed to get through the door and into the lower house itself after deceiving security agents tasked with restricting access, Efe news reported.

Several of the protesters shouted slogans against the government of President Michel Temer and against corruption, calling for a military coup and demanding that “a general” be put in charge of the nation.

Amid the confusion, the Vice President of the Chamber, Waldir Maranhão suspended the session and called for police intervention to bring the situation under control.

Outside the chamber, the demonstrators had been participating in a protest against spending cutbacks that local media reported was called on the social networks and attracted about 800 people.

Temer slammed the invasion and termed the incident as “unacceptable”.

“The President of the republic regrets the invasion of the Congress that occurred in the afternoon. The infraction is an offence to the institution that represents popular will and a disrespect for the rules of democratic life,” presidency spokesperson Alexandre Parola said.