Pulimurugan teaser: Sadly, Mohanlal’s adventure film is all talk and NO ACTION!

After delivering a mediocre film Kanal in 2015, Mohanlal has stayed away from movies for a while. But now, the Mollywood superstar is back once again in 2016 with the Vysakh directed Pulimurugan. Today is even more special for fans of Lalettan because not only is it actor’s 56 birthday today, but the teaser of the film has also been unveiled.

To be honest, the teaser was a bit of a letdown. The teaser begins with showing a wide expanse of a jungle, and the question being raised, who is Murugan? There is a whole lot of build up for the veteran actor as one after the other people say things like he is a divine incarnation on this Earth, another man says that he is an avatar of Narasimha. Then they finally show Mohanlal in black dhoti with some hunting gear on as he takes on goons. But it doesn’t really look that exciting as the actor’s stunt seems rather forced and lethargic. However, it must be taken into consideration that it is still a big deal that he does his own stunts at this age. The actor seems to be playing a famous hunter which is based on a real life character.

However, the worst part is the camerawork in some places. As they show the entry of Lalettan, the camera angle is taken from the ground it shows Mohanlal jumping across. But the problem is he is in a dhoti and from that angle, it really doesn’t look good. Other than these small flaws, the teaser is alright. The wild background score is quite exciting and we can always trust Lalettan to give his best.

Watch The Teaser Here: