Pune Uber driver harasses woman with messages says he misses her

Pune Uber driver harasses woman with messages says he misses her

Pune,May24: In yet another incident bringing women’s security issue to the fore, a girl has taken to the social media to share her terrifying experience with a driver of an app-based taxi service.

Pune’s Ambika Sharma Anavkar, on Facebook, recounted how an Uber driver sent her shady messages after she travelled in his cab on May 07.

At first, she thought that her cousin, who was also travelling with her, had left something behind in the cab and therefore the cabbie was trying to contact her. However, she was left shocked when the driver said he ‘missed’ her.

 Ambika then approached Uber, which took prompt action. The taxi service suspended the driver until the investigation is completed.

Read her Facebook post:

“Dear #UberIndia,

On the 07th of May I booked a cab from the airport to Pashan in pune with you for a relative and her 2 boys! The driver seemed friendly and asked her where was she coming from and tried making small talks, to which she initially replied with politeness and later started ignoring. Now this is what happens next. If this is not the beginning of harassment then what Is? I book my family with only uber because so far I felt safe and secure with you’ll. But not any more!!! When he said he was the driver I thought my cousin left something back in the cab and he is meaning to return it.. but this is what the truth was!!”