Pune Woman delivers baby in Ola cab: The Mother and Child gets free rides for five years

Pune Woman delivers baby in Ola cab: The Mother and Child gets free rides for five years. Photo: Twitter

Pune/Maharashtra, October 6: An Ola cab drive helped a woman to deliver a baby boy on the backseat of Ola cab on the way to the hospital on the morning of October 2. Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari was suffering from labor pain since Sunday evening, but could not get an ambulance so booked an Ola cab on Monday early morning.

At around 8 am, the Ola cab driver Yashwant Galande (27) reached Khadi Machine Chowk to pick up the customer. After realizing that Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari is due to deliver very soon, Yashwant Galande drove the cab steadily towards Kamla Nehru Hospital in Mangalwar Peth at Pune.

Yashwant Galande was notified that the patient had a medical emergency and should be taken extra care during the journey. Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari was accompanied by her mother-in-law in the backseat and her brother-in-law was in the front seat. In just two to three kilometers of the trip, Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari started suffering in pain. Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari’s mother-in-law helped her deliver a baby boy. During the trip, the baby’s cries were suddenly heard in the backseat.

Yashwant Galande drove the mother and the baby to the Kamla Nehru Hospital where she got required medical attention. After reaching the hospital, Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari was picked up and put on a stretcher by the hospital staff. Both the mother and the baby are safe and healthy. The family is extremely grateful to Yashwant Galande for taking them to the hospital in time.

Dr. Rahul Ghagre, the superintendent of Kamla Nehru hospital said that the baby was brought to the hospital around 8.50 am by the cab driver. The mother and the child have been provided required medical treatment. The child is healthy and weighs 2.5 kg. Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari was discharged on Thursday noon from the hospital.

Ola has gifted the baby and Ishwari Singh Rajeshwari with free rides for the next five years as a gift. These rides can be availed by a special coupon, named after the baby.