Punjab trio create fake Rs2000 note ,mint Rs42 lakh and exchange old notes for 30percent commission

Amritsar,Dec1:A trio from Punjab minted fake Rs 2000 currency to the tune of Rs 42 lakh and exchanged old notes for a 30% commission, Mohali police said on Thursday.Suman Nagpal, a real estate dealer, Abhinav Verma and his cousin Vishakha were arrested on Thursday and an Audi car with a red beacon was impounded.

The trio installed equipments to print fake notes and banked on the assumption that people are still not familiar with the design of the new Rs 2000 notes, police said.

“They took old notes for a 30% commission and give back fake Rs 2,000,” Mohali superintendent of police Parminder Singh Bhandal said.

Police said a case was registered against them and they were taken in one-day police remand.