Qantas flight kicks off passengers forcibly after saying plane too heavy to take off

Qantas flight kicks off passengers forcibly after saying plane too heavy to take off

Sydney,June13:Two months ago United Airlines hit international headlines after it kicked off a passenger forcibly and stated “overbooking” as the reason. Now, a Qantas flight to Perth kicked off not just one or two but 40 passengers because it was “too heavy” to take off. The bizarre incident occurred on Monday when passengers on board the Boeing 737-800 Sydney to Perth flight were asked to leave.

According to a report by the Radio 6PR, the airline had called out names of the commuters and were told to disembark the plane.

A Qantas spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that a fuel pump issue had affected the airplane’s load readings. “As a result, a number of customers were reaccommodated onto the next available service, which departed shortly after,” the spokesperson said.

One passenger commented her row was empty by the time the plane took off, the WA Today reported.

Keeping the upheavals against various airlines companies worldwide, the Australian company, however, arranged for subsequent flights for the deplaned passengers. Thanking everyone for their co-operation and support the spokesperson added, “We sincerely thank our customers for their patience and understanding.”

The flight which was scheduled to arrive in Perth at 7.40pm was delayed by over an hour, due to the “overload” problem.

This incident comes at a time when series of mismanagement and bad customer relations with passengers have been reported. While American company United Airlines still is reeling under many such controversies, this incident has not created any displeasure among its customer as of now.