Qatar crisis a positive view: Infinite possibilities of employment opportunities for Indians

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Qatar crisis a positive view: Infinite possibilities of employment opportunities for Indians.

New Delhi, June 9: When prominent Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, are discontinuing their diplomatic relationship with Qatar, a large number of employment opportunities are opening doors for India. About 6.5 lakh Indians are currently working in Qatar. Three lakhs among them are Malayalees.

More than five lakh people from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Mauritius, Maldives and Philippines have been working in Qatar. Because of the siege, they all have to return to their homeland. Indians are able to enter most of these occupational jobs, especially Malayalees. Also, citizens from the countries which imposed siege shall return to their homeland and Qataris working in those countries shall come back to Qatar. This would increase employment opportunities in those countries too.

Indians in Qatar do not have to face any difficulty as India and Qatar are still having a good diplomatic rapport. However, they would be affected by food shortages and price rise in Qatar. As the flight from these countries have been suspended and this created problems for people who need to travel to countries.  If the crisis continues, people coming to India for summer holidays and Ramzan will have to pay a high cost for travelling. As the siege is in existence, flights have to take other direct routes from India to Qatar. This will increase the flight charges to Qatar.

At least six Airlines from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain have stopped offering flights from Qatar and to Qatar. National air carrier, Qatar Airways has cancelled flights to four countries. This will adversely affect thousands of passengers depending on connection flights through various Gulf countries.

Some passengers who booked tickets in these flights are cancelling tickets and instead, they make arrangements to travel on other flights. Emirates Airlines has reported that the inward and outgoing services are being stopped from Doha until an announcement is made. Emirates will make necessary arrangements for those who booked tickets in the Emirates on this route, Emirates said on its official website.

While the neighbouring countries are imposed siege, the Qatar government has assured that there would not be any hardship for the emigrants and expatriates. Qatar has $ 33.5 billion in cash as a reserve. This could enable Qatar to stay financially stable even if the siege lasts longer.Qatar crisis a positive view: Infinite possibilities of employment opportunities for Indians