Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi, asks why using public money for his personal benefit in Gujarat  

Baba Bhole is remembered more than Baba Saheb: PM's jibe at Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, December 1: The Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi asked Prime minister Narendra Modi on Friday to give explanations as to why four private firms were favoured for purchasing power during 2002-16 in Gujarat.

Rahul Gandhi said that he want to know the main reason from the government behind preferring the private firms for purchasing power.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Wednesday that why did the misgovernnance of around 22 years created such a situation. Previously, Rahul Gandhi asked Narendra Modi that why people of Gujarat should pay for the wrong financial management by the ruling BJP.

Rahul Gandhi further mentioned that he want answers for 22 years of Bharatiya Janata Party’s rule in the state and the promises made to the people. The first question that Rahul Gandhi asked Narendra Modi was thta in 2012, there were promises made that around 50 lakh new houses will be built but only 4.72 lakh houses were built in 5 years. So, Narendra Modi must answer that will it take another 45 years to fulfill the promise?.

The Congress spokepserson Deepender Singh Hooda said that I hope that Bhartiya Janata Party  and Narendra Modi would answer the questions of Rahul Gandhi on 22 years of misgovernance in Gujarat.

Deepender Singh Hooda further mentioned that Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party must find time and answer the questions asked to them by Rahul Gandhi.

Deepender Singh Hooda added that the Bharatiya Janata Party is working only for the super rich and middlemen. The party’s economic policy was at the cost of the poor.