Rahul Gandhi’s comical value is increasing; BJP reaction to PM graft allegations

Rahul Gandhi
After a series of flip-flops, the Congress Party finally cleared the air on the meeting between party vice president Rahul Gandhi and China's Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui.

New Delhi, Dec 14: BJP reacts to Rahul’s allegations of corruption against PM Modi.

BJP minister Anant Kumar asks, “Where was Rahul till now. Cong, TMC, Left spreading rumours.”

BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao added, “Increasingly Rahul Gandhi is becoming comical. His political value is decreasing, his comical value is increasing. Rahul is making a joke of himself every day.

Rahul Gandhi claimed today that he had explosive information on “personal corruption” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that would “explode his balloon” but he was not being allowed to speak in parliament on the notes ban.

“Read my lips… the PM is personally terrified of the information I have, we have. It is personal corruption of the PM that we have detailed information on,” the Congress VP declared, flanked by leaders of 16 opposition parties as he spoke to the media at parliament.