Raid at Peace School Centre in Kozhikode: Police says MD MM Akbar flees from India

zakir naik
Zakir Naik. File photo.

Kozhikode, January 5: The managing Director of Kochi Peace School, M M Akbar is feared to have fled to some other country. In a raid conducted today, certain crucial documents in relation with the running of the school have been seized from the Kozhikode centre of Peace School.

Earlier, Kochi peace school was accused of teaching a syllabus which could develop religious intolerance among children.

Today police went to the Kozhikode Peace School to question M M Akbar. But then only they came to know that he is has already gone to some other country. The arrest of other three persons involved in this case might have resulted in his sudden action to flee from the country.

According to certain sources, M M Akbar is in Qatar. Police have questioned certain close aides of him including his secretary.

The documents seized include the contractual as well as related to the running of the schools. It also include details on the syllabus and teaching plans.

During the primary stage of investigation, police have arrested three persons regarding the printing and publishing of the text books at Mumbai. They were employed in the publication division of the Burooj Realisation Mumbai, where the controversial text books were printed. It was also found that this organisation was also providing training to teachers.

The police have reached the Kochi Peace school according to the information that some people with Islamic State alliance are in touch with this institution. It was informed that religious terrorism was taught to children even in small classes. The case was taken against the school principal and the management trustees.

Earlier at the beginning of this controversy, Peace international has claimed that the school is not teaching such those matter which could spread religious intolerance, though it is there in the text book.