Rajinikanth and Narendra Modi to join hands in Tamil Nadu politics?

Rajinikanth's visit to Sri Lanka: Fringe group advances protests.

Chennai, Feb 4: The Tamil Nadu Politics had suddenly turned interesting with the hospitalisation of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Later when she died without conveying anything to anyone, the incident became more sensational. Jayalalithaa rose to a super power in the State of Tamil Nadu as well as in AIADMK after the demise of MGR. Moreover, AIADMK has reduced to Jayalalithaa and remained the same till her death. Now, the talks entered new heights as reports come out that Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth is entering politics.

Jayalalithaa’s life in the film Industry and political industry proves her to be a strong women with unmatched determination. In her political career, she had to face several humiliation and abuses from her political rivals and media. while she stood up questioning corruption, the DMK members had even gone to the extent of manhandling her. But nothing could stop her from being the polestar of South Indian politics. She became victorious in her war with opponents. The people of Tamil Nadu gave her a special position in their hearts and thus she became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for more than three years.

The untimely and sudden death of Jayalaithaa, paved the way for Sasikala Natarajan to grab the Party Chief position. And reportedly Sasikal would soon become the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister as well.

After all, the public was in great expectation that, BJP would take advantage of the situation, spliting AIADMK and joining hands with one group. But it never happened. Moreover, AIADMK is finding its own way to self-destruction, as expected by DMK, when Jayalalitha fell ill.

Reportedly, Superstar Rajinikanth is in talks with BJP topnotch leaders over certain political moves. The primary thing is that, Rajinikanth is about to enter Tamil Nadu politcs, to fill the void created by the absence of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. The secondary factor is that, Rajnikanth is thinking to have his own political faction. Giving yet another tremour DMK and AIADMK, the major powers in Tamil Nadu politics. A new political party under the political label of BJP, under the leadership of Superstar Rajinikanth, a really unpredictable scenario.

Rajinikanth may be mistaken as an opponent of AIADMK. But the fact is that, he was also in close ally with Amma Jayalalithaa like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apparently, Rajinikanth became upset of the recent developments in the Tamil Nadu politics, especially after Sasikala became the AIADMK Supremo and the later decision of the party to make her the Chief Minister of the State.

Whenever Rajinikanth was invited by BJP, he refused to join the party as a result of his close alliance with Jayalalithaa. In fact, the only factor which made anyone and everyone follow AIADMK was Jayalalithaa, except some power monkers. And now, the centre has fall apart. AIADMK has lost its pivot leadership. Moreover, the Mannargudi Mafia would engulf the whole state in no time.

Following all these developments, Rajinikanth may join hands with BJP, very soon, for a tremendous turn over in Tamil Nadu Politics.